Friday, May 18, 2012

Boston - Chinatown Restaurants

We are planning our summer trip to Maine and are going to fly into Boston for two days first for some city fun, historical tours, Chinatown and of course, delicious food.
Last time we went to Boston, we asked the Piper's for the name of a good Chinese restaurant which was the Empire Garden. We went and really enjoyed the large, room that used to be a theater, the variety of dishes in the Dim Sum (even though we did not know half of what we selected). Not much English spoken but everyone friendly.We will go back again.
I have been searching to learn what are the best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown (or close by) to add to our first experience in Chinatown and have found these on line. Have you been to any of these; do you have an opinion? Are they still in business? Please share!

If you live nearby and want to meet us, we will be there in mid-July (send us an email from this blog or leave a comment with an email).

The New Shanghai is rated high on Urban Spoon with a 90% rating.
The Q Restaurant is also on the Top 10 Chinese list in Boston (Urban Spoon review). I found a blogger's review too.
And last: Jumbo Seafood was recommended for the fresh seafood (swimming around in tanks on display).

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Kim said...

Wish I was going to see you guys... One day I am going to visit Fl... I can't wait to meet you guys.. Have a great weekend..