Monday, April 23, 2012

Time for a New Bike

AA has a "new" bike which she just loves (from Craig's List - we love buying "almost new" for garage sale prices). Electra, Hawaii model, really nice.
Still with training wheels but we know once she gets used to the bigger size, we will get those wheels off. Her golf coach told us that it would be best to take them off. Something about her balance. So that will be the next step once we get outside more (and before it gets brutally hot here!).
So how old were you when the training wheels came off?


Catherine said...

I think I was around 5 when my dad took the training wheels off my bike.

Something I've seen a lot more of lately is taking the training wheels and pedals off the bike so rather than pedaling AA could learn to balance by pushing with her feet. I've heard people have great success with it and that kiddos are often ready for the pedals to go back on earlier as they've learned the balance portion. That's my long range plan for Hannah.

dawn said...

I think I was 5 also. Even though I don't remember my age exactly everything else about that day is still so very vivid as my Daddy ran up and down the garden pushing me until I finally got it.
Such a liberating feeling.

Funny, we are going through the exact same thing with Rosie at the moment. In about 2 more weeks we are taking her training wheels off too. She wants them off now but she clearly isn't there yet. Lily was 4......but she is an adventure seeker.