Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Swim of the Season!

 AA, Auntie Carolyn and I went to the pool yesterday (Auntie's suggestion since we were all so hot from packing and moving boxes). It was a very warm 82 degrees outside; the pool was very cool; not sure the actual temperature, but would guess around 70 degrees. AA loved her new wet suit so stayed in the water as long as we would let her! Carolyn was a good sport and stayed in too! This was the earliest we have been in the Club pool; it was rather nice end to a busy day! Dear Hubby was off to see former President Clinton speak so it was a girls only party!


Jimh. said...

Looks like fun! We are so far notrth that we don't think much about pools until June...and even then, I don't really look for a pool until into July, then it's back to winter in what seems like no time!

AA looks like she loves the water! I can't believe how much they grow and how fast! She's beautiful!

Nana Ann said...

You better bring that wetsuit when you come to Maine :)