Saturday, March 03, 2012

Daily Dose of AA - First Time Using Library Card

At our local library, a child may apply for their own card once they can write their name. I had stalled for many months as I didn't want to have to keep track of a separate card for AA. I gave in, she now has her own card (which a child also must have in order to use the computers at the library too). What an exciting day today was (Monday, 02/27/12); AA could not wait to get done with our errands to use the card for the first time. No photo at the library so a few goofy shots at home is all I have to remember the day!

Here's the goofy one:


Jen said...

How exciting for her! I'd say it's going to be worth the extra trouble. Yay for AA!

Catherine said...

A fun, big step! Enjoy your books AA!

M3 said...

Sweet!! Our girls were (are) so excited also. I stalled FOREVER because I always renew online and knew that I'd have to do it three separate times now, but it hasn't been that bad. Oh, and one of the three of us lost a library book this time (and it wasn't either of the six year olds!!).