Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Golf Lesson - My Turn!

Since Hubby was out of town, I took AA to her golf lesson. I always stay at home if her lesson is on a Saturday morning, so I can catch up on my household chores.
Her teacher "Coach" is so wonderful with AA; he's always talking to her, explaining terms and techniques, giving her real exercises to do..... he is patient and a very knowledgeable professional golfer. If I had paid attention to all the golfing I have been exposed to, I might be able to understand what he is talking about. Unfortunately, I am now playing catch up.

He brought three long slender poles to use from now on. One to place where her feet stand when using her driver, and the other two to be placed in the driving range as two "up-rights" to drive the ball between. He is so careful to listen to her and expect more from her each lesson.Using the new "tools" during practice:
He took her out to a hole and had her tee up to drive a ball onto the green, then she two-putted it in - just amazing:
Walking to her ball after the first putt:
First taking a practice swing, then putting it in:
The REAL reward is getting to drive the golf cart back to the clubhouse; she can barely see through the steering wheel, makes for some interesting swerving; thank goodness Coach is so patient!
And Coach gave her a new ball cap so no more purple or pink caps on the course plus many new tees and ball markers:
What a wonderful time to see how well AA is playing, all thanks to Coach!


Cora said...

What fun! AA is the cutest little golfer ever.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...


I bet you had a wonderful time watching her in action on the course!

Keep up the great work AA~



Catherine said...

Way to go AA! What a wonderful sport to be introduced to at such a young age!

Great driving too!

Jimh. said...

That kid IS AWESOME!!!!

AudreyO said...

I have never learned to golf. My girls went with their dad a few times to hit the ball on the golf course but neither of them cared for it. Maybe one of these days I'll learn :)