Monday, February 06, 2012

FCC Chinese New Year Celebration!

Our Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon, as a great celebration with the local First Coast Families with Chinese Children group (FCC). The Board of Directors plan an event that is well worth attending albeit, a bit expensive. Our group of eleven played hard and ate lots of good Chinese food. We met up with families we have not seen all year even though the FCC group has several other events through out the year, we live just far enough away that making it over to the Jacksonville Beach area is not a favorite drive (about an hour). We were a very lucky family too with oldest sister winning a photo shoot for a family of four; I won a set of Grace Lin books (which AA has already read them yesterday, each one and loves them!), I also won a pink and silver necklace and earring set and a different photo shoot for a family of five. Yahoo!

AA before the drive to the Marriott Sawgrass:

Auntie Carolyn took AA to the craft table first:

Youngest granddaughter Dylan:

Our son Justin and his daughter (Grand Kilee) were not able to attend this year so invited best friend of Leaa's, Katy and her daughter Josie:

There is plenty of room at the Marriott for the children to run around; in the large lobby, several got together and played "Ring Around the Posie":

My Hubby with cousin Gloria:

The tables were beautifully decorated and even though the craft tables didn't seem to stay open as long as in the past, there were crafts to do at each table:

Watching the performers do many Chinese dance routines; most children love to be right at the stage's edge:

And the Lion dance was last! Happy Chinese New Year! See you in 2013 - the Year of the Snake!


Jboo said...

Oh what a fun time!! My sister lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, so not far from there at all!

Hope you all have a great week!

China Dreams said...

Looks like a good time!


redmaryjanes said...

Wonderful photos!
Love all of the kids :)

Briana's Mom said...

What a fun event! Love AA's outfit!