Monday, February 13, 2012

Family Gathering - Sunday 02/05/2012

We hosted a family party for Jordan's college graduation and his birthday along with Werner and Jesse's birthdays.
These photos are in reverse order; too many to switch around easily!

At the end of the day, our son wanted some of the cypress logs to take home and use for wood crafts and furniture. We had cut down a few trees over the years so the young guys all pitched together to get one particularly large, water logged and HEAVY log from the river to his truck. Too many supervisors?

Nope, just one - Jordan!
It was a beautiful day for February! Most everyone was outside, including Grand-Dylan:
Staying close to one of her grandfathers:
Outside enjoying the dock and river views:
One of the birthday kids, Jesse opening a gift from his father-in-law, plus the gift we gave him, a "pick puncher":

More birthday gifts and enjoying the cake after dinner:

Trying to get a good picture of three cuties:
Before the guests arrived, I made BLT salad for the first time: a wedge of iceberg lettuce, cooked crumbled bacon, tomatoes around the edges and blue cheese dressing drizzled over all, add a few crumbled of blue cheese and you are done! And even those who do not normally like blue cheese, this is a yummy salad to convince them otherwise.

Party tables with chocolate cake made by eldest daughter Leaa and coconut cake made by her Mom, also known as Grandma-Cathy to AA:

We all had a good time! Happy Birthday to Jordan, Werner and Jesse!

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