Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daily Dose of AA - Monday President's Holiday

With the holiday this past Monday, we did some errand running together and stopped at our newest "favorite" playground. It was 58 degrees out with a strong wind, so a long sleeve T-shirt and her L. L. Bean Kid's purple vest was necessary. We have had a mild winter, so a coolish day was very nice; and almost always she only needs her little fleece vest (thanks again to her L. L. Bean fairy-grandmother!).
Lots of smiles as she goes to the carousel first:
This is a little blurry, but I love seeing the motion of her through her pigtails:
I am blogging less frequently; I had a very DRY blogging spell back in mid-November and December and feel one coming on again. Life is busier than ever with some significant changes coming soon for us. We will post as we can! Let me know if you are on Facebook as we love catching up with your news there too!


Mom2Isabel said...

I am so with you on the dry spell of blogging.
Know that we love to read your posts.
So full of joy, life and information.

Red Sand said...

On FB - are you? I completely understand the dry spell.