Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gifts - Buying Local

We did buy many Christmas gifts locally at our favorite market. We also gave gift certificates to small local restaurants that are family owned (only if they had great food too!).

I found wonderful recycle jewelery that used metal hardware and buttons. Since my Grandmother collected buttons, these were a bit sentimental too! I gave one necklace to my sister M. and this beautiful blue button bracelet and earring to my other sister, T.
We love finding quality crafts at the Riverside Arts Market (we have posted many times about).

My Hubby did some research and found a new restaurant we have never patronized in St. Augustine. There are so MANY great restaurants in St. Augustine, so we were surprised to read about the Back 40 Urban Cafe. It is located west of US Rt 1; on South Dixie Highway, just off US Rt 1 by the Showboat Car Wash.Hope you all continue to support locally-owned delicious restaurants and artisans!

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Jen said...

That button bracelet is adorable! I did a lot of my shopping on etsy. Loved buying homemade things!