Friday, January 27, 2012

AA's School Art Papers

Everyone once in awhile I need to photograph AA's school work and art work. I can't save everything of hers, so many papers come home with her from school each day!
So here are a few of her recent works.
Thanksgiving turkey from her hand-print:
A clock, learning to tell time:
Lots of "L" words made into masks and puppets:
Her "abstract" art; AA told me it looked like fireworks:
This is on her "whiteboard" at home - she drew her path from home to school and the school playground; then a rainbow:
All papers relating to studying the letter "K" and "J":
AA loves everything about rainbows:
I am saving some artwork but will take pictures of most of it to save in our future printed blog books!

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Adoption & Fire said...

I love the artwork that little kids do! I wish I could keep everything that Catherine does but you are right, it adds up fast! Pictures are such a great way to remember what she has done. Does AA start Kindergarten this year?