Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Photos - Trip to Missouri

Dear Hubby made a very quick four day trip to his home town in Missouri while baby sweet darling (AA) and I had a girls good time together!
Hubby made the trip particularly to watch his two great-nephews play some basketball and as an added bonus, another nephew came into town for a visit too.
The youngest great-nephew, Jack (number 24) is on a team where his dad coaches and his older brother is a referee! Talk about tough times!
Here's his Dad (our niece's husband) giving some much needed advice!

I don't think he takes any excuses from these boys!

Older brother, Lane (referee) holding the basketball, ready to toss to younger brother, Jack at free throw line:

Hubby's brother and nephew, Travis:

The family out to dinner on Ford's last evening with them: In this photo is 3 past Missouri All-State basketball players and according to hubby the list will eventually include Lane and little brother Jack.

Ford's oldest brother, Ben and his son Travis (our nephew):

Travis just set the Missouri state bench press record for his weight division and qualified to compete in the Internationals to be held in France. His personality is so amazing. He's a sweetheart.

Hubby didn't remember to use the camera when the oldest great-nephew, Lane, played in his games so he missed some great photos. It was the third tournament the team competed in this season prior to regionals beginning and for the third time Lane made 1st team All-Tournament. He is being sought after by many colleges while only a sophomore.
A great visit!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mangia Monday and Meatless Creamy Soup

I was looking through the crisper (sometimes called the "rotter"; that's a different story we stole from Jay Worley) and found fresh spinach, carrots and onions, all from last weekends trip to the farmers market.

So I searched the internet world and found a creamy soup to try. Click on link for full recipe. It was very simple with butter and onions, adding some flour, then the carrots, spinach, cream and broth (use homemade or what type you like best) and a little seasoning of nutmeg, salt and pepper. The finishing touch was some orange zest. I used the small food processor to chop the carrots and onions which made preparations very quick.

I am going to try her Lemon Salad Dressing soon, uses lemon juice and we have tons of that (from our ponderosa lemon tree)!
Check out the Iowa Housewife blog, lots of good cooking!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Remember to Enter to Win a Lemon!

UPDATE: The winner of a perfectly delicious, extra large Ponderosa lemon is: Jim at planetruth and No Ordinary Family (hopefully he will share with Cora and daughter Chloe!). Now all I need is his mailing address!
Mixing up the 45 names:

Pulling Jim's name out of the hat! Funny that his name was chosen. He and Cora had a contest on their blog in 2010 and we won!!

OLD Message:
Enter now as the cut off time is Sunday at noon (EST). Can't wait to mail the winner a very LARGE ponderosa lemon!

Love Aunt Carolyn! Sunday Snapshot

My cousin is visiting this weekend, which is always a treat. We had a fun afternoon running around town and then took a walk on the dock before the sun set. It was a beautiful day, with a slight chill in the air; in the sun it did reach 70 degrees today!
Auntie goofing around with AA on the dock:
Sitting pretty in the sun:
Love our family!
After seeing the jet plane overhead, AA began co-piloting her plane with Carolyn leading the way:
It's always fun to have a visit from AA's special Aunt!

Sunday Snapshot

Friday, January 27, 2012

AA's School Art Papers

Everyone once in awhile I need to photograph AA's school work and art work. I can't save everything of hers, so many papers come home with her from school each day!
So here are a few of her recent works.
Thanksgiving turkey from her hand-print:
A clock, learning to tell time:
Lots of "L" words made into masks and puppets:
Her "abstract" art; AA told me it looked like fireworks:
This is on her "whiteboard" at home - she drew her path from home to school and the school playground; then a rainbow:
All papers relating to studying the letter "K" and "J":
AA loves everything about rainbows:
I am saving some artwork but will take pictures of most of it to save in our future printed blog books!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Eye Glasses

Our littlest daughter has new glasses.

You have seen her in her pink Skechers for about two years and now she has outgrown them. Her prescription did not change since her last eye doctor visit but new glasses were in order. Her pink ones rested on her nose; the new ones have the nose bridge pads; so we shall see how they work in the long term. She is excited as she says she looks more like the grown up girls, you know, those who are six years old!
Here's a few pictures during this past weekend of her wearing her new glasses! Hope they are as durable as the old Skechers!
BTW, her prescription sunglasses still fit so we will wait until next year to upgrade those.
Her new ones are:Lilly Pulitzer Eyeglasses Darcia

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lemon Tree - Do You Want A Lemon?

We mail one of our home grown large Ponderosa Lemons to friends and family occasionally. I thought we posted about this amazing tree in our yard (we planted it ourselves about 12 years ago). Let's have a give-away. Anyone who leaves a comment here or on my Facebook page, we will draw a winner and mail you a huge lemon! A little of Florida can be sent your way (if it is legal to send to you; I am not sure about going outside the USA). I will randomly select a name on Sunday. Good luck!
(there aren't many on the tree as the season is about over; it is beginning to bloom for the next "crop")

Monday, January 23, 2012

Homemade Applesauce - Monday Meatless Mangia

AA loves applesauce so I decided to make some homemade with her. She was surprised applesauce could be made by cooking apples - too funny! I showed her the recipe in FOOD magazine (yes, Martha Stweart's) and we selected the spice (cinnamon) and cranberry versions. Both yummy!
We didn't have any fresh or frozen cranberries so used some homemade cranberry chutney from Auntie Carolyn. Worked for us!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sweet Trophy!

AA has been taking golf lessons from the best coach in the world! It has been 10 months and she just loves to swing the clubs! Coach made a challenge that once she made five putts in a row, she would earn the trophy. And it happened. Finally, she did it!

Both all smiles with the Coach Doug Grand Trophy Award!

Dedicated wonderful, dear Hubby walking away, after the lesson is over, with daughter, back to the parking lot. So sweet. So simple. The love for this child is unbelievable!

Happy golfing!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Plants - Try, Try, Try Again...

We are a family that loves basil; baked in quiches (savory pies), with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese (Caprese), in spaghetti and all other dishes Italian. So our son gave us a small leaf basil plant he grew himself (he has a green thumb) and then we bought the larger leaf basil at the local farmers market. The farmer said it would grow for years.
I watered it, put in in sunshine, when we had a cool spell I brought it inside..... Now I am embarrassed to say that I killed both plants. I really do not know what I did wrong.
I am determined to grow our own herbs so will try again! Gardening advise welcomed for NE Florida!
I only have a before picture..... once the plant was almost dead, we ate the last few good leaves!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waiting for the Super Bowl! Daily Dose of AA

These pictures were taken this past Sunday, 01/15/2012 while waiting for the two games to come on. We were practicing doing our touchdown dance! We will go into football withdrawal but in just a few more weeks, NASCAR Speed week at Daytona will be here! I think we will go to the Nationwide Race on Saturday afternoon, better suited for a five year old's routine!!
Of course the hair bow is from Sophia Jane's Boutique; take a visit and buy lots of bling for your favorite girl!