Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trip to Homestead (Part 2) Day #1 - Eggrolls and Chopsticks

Day #1 continued - We love meeting up with long time blog friends and were so happy to have everything work out for a visit with the Cope family at their favorite Italian restaurant, Nunzio's in Miami.
We so enjoyed seeing Lily, Rosie and Alyzabeth get to know each other, talking, laughing and near the end of the visit, playing rambunctiously together. What a beautiful family. We need to plan regular Florida blog friend get togethers.

Meeting up with long time blogger (Eggrolls and Chopsticks) was a treat, especially when Lily was such a good friend to Alyzabeth, engaging her in conversations and then lots of laughs:

Daddy Cope with youngest daughter, Rosie (five months younger than AA):

The girls at the dinner table:

Lily was in a math competition this same afternoon and won first place!
Outside as we were leaving the restaurant, I had to photograph these precious girls again. To say Alyzabeth was completely spell-bound and adored Lily would be a major understatement! Watching the three of them chasing and playing with each other outside the restaurant was to witness pure joy... Kids and parents alike :)

So many smiles and hopefully more in the future.


dawn said...

The pleasure was all ours.
So wonderful to meet you after sooooo many years

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I love when those red threads keep tangling up!