Monday, November 21, 2011

Race Weekend - Day #1

First - guess who won the NASCAR Sprint championship? We are so sad, it was such a bummer to come so close to a win and the season championship for Carl Edwards; which was not to be, so sad for the Carl Edward fans. Congratulations to Tony Stewart and his fans and sponsors, he proved to be the best driver winning five of the ten Chase races.

We did have an exciting race weekend even though our driver lost (second place is still being a loser - boo!), this was our first race in over four years! On Friday afternoon, we drove to Okeechobee first and stayed at Nana Joy and Grandpa's home (a B&B experience!). We always have a good visit, a good night sleep and a huge breakfast anytime we visit.
A photo right before we left for Homestead on Saturday morning:

Arriving at the race track - the towers/center of the race track as we approached it from the parking lot (free general parking - yahoo!):

At the Carl Edwards' souvenir trailer - we were looking for a child's ball cap, all sold out!

We did not buy tickets for the Nationwide race so strolled around, shopped and enjoyed the noise of the cars qualifying in the background. It was very windy, but sunny and warm - I think about 82 degrees as the (our) excitement built before the big race Sunday.

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