Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Homestead Trip - Part #3 - Race Photos

We had fun at the last race of the NASCAR season. Here are a few of our pictures to remember the day!
Before the race began, we found former Mainers, Pam and Hubby (now live near St. Louis). My Mom read about their planned trip to the race and so we met at the track!

AA with her "no picture taking now!" sign language!

Rain delay:
Sleepy head rested for about ten minutes:

Carl Edwards was in first place most of the race, except where it counted, the last lap!
Some of these pictures are out of order - Darrel Waltrip was introduced (he's a NASCAR Hall of Famer).... Booggitty, Booggitty, let's go racing!
Carl Edwards getting the points leader flag for this race:
Let's go racing!
Lots more pictures from before the race:
It was very warm out (about 85 degrees) so took off AA's Carl Edwards t-shirt for awhile:

Infield pre-race stage:
Driver introductions:
Speed Channel Trackside show:
Once arriving at the Homestead race track, we saw the huge Ford car dealer displays - so many things to do and some free giveaways:

New headphones to block out the engine noise, so glad we bought them for AA as it was LOUD!!

Had a blast! Now to plan a trip to a different track in 2012!

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dawn said...

I can almost hear the engines. Great pictures.