Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Bloggy Friends - Monday Visit

We were so fortunate to be able to meet up with Canadian Bloggy friend, Catherine and her family. Along with Uncle Don and daughter JMei, we had lots of fun. The weather cooperated with sun and a breezy day for running on the beach. Read here to see our meeting last year and compare pictures of the girls a year later.

I have lots of photos of the girls in motion on the beach, mostly of their backsides! I am going to have to steal a few photos from the other paparazzi as I did not get a single photo of Miss H. alone or not moving. She was a whirlwind of motion! Here's the only picture I have of the three of them facing the camera. I will be stalking Don's and Catherine's photo albums for a few to add to my collection.I did get the two older girls to pose, first one is our AA and the second, Miss JMei!

More posts to follow as I go through all the photos! We had a great visit!


Catherine said...

It was wonderful to see you and get caught up even a little bit! The time flew by all too quickly, especially chasing our sun and fun loving girls! What fun it was to watch them interact and get to know one another even a little bit. I know Hannah had a great time with the girls too!

You're so right that it was tough to get pics of the girls together, especially since Hannah is not a fan of posing for the camera right now. A challenge for sure! Your pic of the 3 of them is adorable!

See you next November!

Kim said...

LOVE the photos..
The girls are growing up sooo fast..

kitchu said...

such stunning photos!