Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Belated Halloween!

I haven't been blogging lately, just a matter of time management! (or lack there of!).
We have made some significant decisions lately about our future, where we want to be and so forth. All a part of our changing world and families.
We are looking forward to Thanksgiving with most of our Florida family coming over to share a family meal; one thing about this family, is that we love each other and enjoy being around each other - that's a special family!

Here are a few pictures from Halloween, I hope you had fun with your little ones; I see many bloggers on Facebook and will continue to post a few pictures there. I still like the blog, documenting our family activities and keeping it as a photo book.
November is especially busy with Thanksgiving and the preparations for Christmas. We also have many family birthdays; wishing all a Happy Birthday - to my sweet Hubby, Christopher, George, Bill, Stephanie, Jan, Chris and Barbara. Also, Happy Anniversary to DD Leaa and Jesse, Jim and Cliffreda and Butch and Stephanie! One more will be joining us if Nicole delivers Mila by the end of the month!

First we went to Publix as they have some simple games to play plus always a sweet treat to decorate!You may not be able to see the little ball in flight - AA knocked down a stack of cans (all fallen behind the table) to win some candy!
Then we go to our little town's center neighborhood and walk a few streets. We went a little earlier this year and most were not out yet. As we were leaving (about 7:00 p.m.) the families were filling the streets!

We are so thankful for all that we have!
With Thanksgiving next week, what are you doing new or different?


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

what an adorable lady bug!

Important changes are so stressful.


Jboo said...

Great ladybug costume! Love seeing how warm it looks there. Good luck with the decisions!


Catherine said...

What a great costume for your sweet little gal! Fun times for sure!

An early Thanksgiving wish for you my friend. I am thankful for friends like you! (hmmm...I think Hannah and I might need to cook up a little Thanksgiving dinner for ourselves even though we celebrated Thanksgiving last month. There's always time to be thankful!)

Lisa~~ said...

Adorable little lady bug. Good luck with all your decisions.