Thursday, October 27, 2011

St. Augustine Restaurant - Review

It was very busy in St. Augustine last weekend; a pretty day with lots of sunshine and no "heat". Crowds shopping which is good for the city. We strolled for a long time then had a respite at Nonna's (2 Aviles Street; just west of A1A Alehouse, South of King Street). I couldn't find a web page for it but your can read reviews on Urban Spoon.
We love dry red wines and their house blend was very good. The food is good, great atmosphere, especially if you like to watch trolleys and horse-drawn carriages pass closely by. We enjoyed!

Sidewalk cafe style dining and chatting:


redmaryjanes said...

It looks just beautiful there! Cold and dreary here in Michigan.

Dita said...

Drool....would love every single minute of that day...sounds like perfection...especially the part where I'm sitting at the table with you 3 sipping some nice dry red wine!


No Greater Love said...

Oh, did you go to St. Augustine, Florida??? Most of my family lives there. :) Love the pictures.