Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Blues........ New Sneakers

This past weekend was so blustery, gusty, rainy, dreary yet refreshing. Even with the rain, it seemed like the humidity was much lower; I am sure thanks to the 35 mph winds! We had a busy Saturday with Nicole's baby shower. I have lots of pictures on Picasa and Facebook, so please head over there if you wish to see them all. Some of the best photos will be posted here later this week.

The below photos are of last Monday, still AA's and my "girls day out". Now that she is in school five days a week, we hang out together on Monday afternoons and catch up on our chatter and errands. The weather was cool (OK, it was 82 degrees while we were at the park, but it did seem "cooler"!).

AND it was all about AA's first day "graduating" to a size 10 sneaker that her Nana gave her (yes, they are L.L. Bean's). They are perfect and AA thought the blue color so cool (we do have a pair of pink ones just like the "blues" in the closet, at a size 11). She loves knowing that she is growing, getting bigger. She told me she was not a little girl anymore, a "medium" one!


dawn said...

your girl looks good in everything but that blue colour just looks fabby on AA

M3 said...

Adorable sneakers~!