Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Conveted an Iron

I don't know how many people are like me (besides my Mom, since I got it from her); I iron almost everything. Yep, cannot stand wrinkles (well, until you wear the clothes, then that is okay).
So my story goes, we were visiting family in Missouri this past late July/early August and staying at my Hubby's brother's house. My sister-in-Law, Joan, has this wonderful iron. I don't think I told her how much I loved her iron. I loved it. I coveted it. Then I didn't think much of it except every week at home when I ironed our clothes and looked at my iron. It didn't get very hot, probably because of the many times I dropped it. It would spit at me. It would leak water on our clothes, where and when you didn't want water on the clothes. So without thinking, I was was at Walmart, thinking there is no way they would have such an iron like my SIL's. And there it was. I hesitated for a few minutes after discovering the price. Then, I thought, I am worth it! So now I have a wonderful, steamy, hot iron! I really do like to iron!

May you be able to have that small appliance that just makes your household chores seem a little brighter!

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Catherine said...'s purdy! Happy ironing!

Me on the other hand? I pulled out the iron a couple of months ago to make our Disney t-shirts and Hannah stared at and asked, 'Mommy, What dat?' My iron and I are not the best of friends.

Right now my favourite appliance is probably my blender as it makes yummy, healthy smoothies for breakfast each morning. Not sure I have a favourite 'cleaning' appliance. ;o)