Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Baby Shower - All About Mila

We have a new baby soon to be born into this family, "Mila" - Nicole and Jordan are due the end of November. This past Saturday we celebrated by hosting a baby shower. It was beautiful and fun, great food with friends and family. It took five or six of us to plan, prepare, plan and prepare...... This was my first baby shower that I actually helped host.

Bought the letters and spray painted pink:

Printed from my home printer a "program/information sheet" about the baby shower:

As you came in the front door, I placed a baby scrapbook to use as the guest book. Guest were also to write a helpful note to Nicole; those notes are being added to the scrapbook along with photos from the shower:

Custom cake with Nicole's animal print (leopard, I think); it matches all the crib bedding:

Flowers from Marsha:

Decorating with lots of "onesies" in the windows: I spray painted small clothes pins pink and used pink yarn hung between the "3M Command wall hooks". I found all my decorating ideas on different blogs - just search on baby shower crafts and you will have lots of ideas to choose from!

Pink helium balloons always make a party festive. We used a baby box to house the napkins and small pink and brown cosmetic cases with the pink plastic utensils, all set up in front of the food tables:

The centerpiece on each table was a paper white dollies with five or six small water bottles decorated in the pink and brown/taupe motif (scrapbook paper cut to cover the label and hot glued on; I added a pink flower on the seam - and I did remove the paper water bottle label first). A bud vase with two dark pink roses added more color to the room (the tables and walls were all white). I printed labels with baby Mila's name on it and attached them to lots of chocolate bars.

Setting up one of the games - a baby bottle filled with small candy. There were ballots for everyone to submit a guess. The prizes for the games were from Bath & Body Works.

I selected five baby products and printed ballots for everyone to guess the price of each one:

The "chip and dip" table, all yummy!

The white pages for the scrapbook: everyone signed in!

The helpful baby hints were pinned to a bulletin board, so all could read and share:

And we had two little guests: our granddaughter #2 along with her best friend:

The next post will have pictures of the guests and gifts, plus hopefully show the joy we have for Nicole!


Luciana said...

Aw Sweet! My daughter's name is Mila.

Tina Michelle said...

That looks so sweet and Mila is such a pretty, pretty name!

Catherine said...

What fun and so many great decorations and games!!

It's clear to see that Mila is already loved by so many!

LifeMosaic said...

From the onesies in the window on the clothesline to the cake to the games and the gorgeous table decor...that looks liek the best baby shower ever. I love the card of the person who said they have no kids and no funny!

I'll bet Nicole was so excited she could barely contain herself!


Drew Watts said...

It seems like super lovely day and I am sure everyone had amazing time. We have planned to celebrate our daughter’s 6th birthday at some outdoor Los Angeles venues. But I would love to use your party color scheme idea and decoration inspirations. Glad to find this inspirational post!