Monday, September 19, 2011

Self-Indulgence - Waterskiing (Catching up on Maine Trip)

I grew up water skiing almost every day during our summers on Little Sebago Lake. And I mean most every day. We packed up and moved into the little "camp" on the lake the day after school was let out and didn't move back until the day before school started. So I LOVED water skiing.

I haven't skied much at all in the past 30 years (since moving away from Maine) and only once I believe in the past five years, so it was a wonderful time to be able to ski again. I was behind my Mom's Sea-Doo and using nephew's slalom ski (which was way too long for me). But I loved every minute. My old body isn't used to it anymore, so I didn't ski for long. But it felt good!

So, I am being very self-indulgent by posting these pictures to be part of our photo books. No need to look any further to see a 50+ trying to ski (and yes, I had to start out with two ski's because the Sea-Doo doesn't have enough horse power at take off so to speak).
Getting ready.....
So cool, so refreshing!


Jimh. said...

Looks like fun! And I wouldn't have guess you were over thirty!

T n' W said...

So glad you were self indulgent!! And I'm sure AA will agree! You must indulge more often. :)

Dita said... amaze me....skill AND beauty (not to mention great gams and that killer blonde mane from Maine). I'll bet Alyzabeth is gonna learn more than a few tricks from her Mom!

You look MAHvelous out there!