Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pinegrove Market Deli

You probably have one where you live. The foodie delight known by locals but seemingly hidden from those visiting or just passing through. These taste bud, stomach filling treasures are much like pirate booty, seemingly buried away with their whereabouts a carefully guarded secret so it would seem.
Least the likes of folks like you and I start showing up :)

One positive aspect of living close to the city is the opportunity to enjoy many of these local favorites for ourselves. Most cities are a composite of individual neighborhoods masquerading as one large metropolis. Each hosting their hidden gems of culinary diversity not to be limited to linen tablecloths and a wine price list that weaken the knees. Case in point, our most recent lunch came complete with paper napkins, plastic forks and catsup kept in the soda/beer cooler you fetched for yourself. Our (my) intended quest was to sample the best "burger" in Jacksonville which in turn led us to the eclectic neighborhood of Avondale and their "buried treasure" known as the Pinegrove Market Deli.

As you may have gathered from the pictures, our appetites came before the camera :)

The chicken salad sandwich, hummus, fries and burger all fresh and tastefully satisfying!

Today also happens to be a special day for our family.
Happy Birthday to our first daughter - may you have a wonderful day Leaa!
We love you so much...


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