Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy Few Weeks - Catching Up

We have taken alot of pictures over the past few weeks and I still have not taken the time to write up new posts, so I am back in the catch up mode! Lots coming for our family blog/photo album.

We didn't do much for the Mid-Autumn Moon festival; AA colored a picture I printed and we looked at the bright moon for several nights. Our local FCC group hosts a beach side gathering that is a bit of a drive for us so we didn't attend this year. I must be more prepared next year!

We went swimming: AA and her Nana.

Since we are United Methodists and there is one Florida UM Children's Home, you have heard many times how we love to respond to any needs they have. The word was put out that luggage or duffel bags were needs (and used is fine) as most children who enter the residential home program have very little and usually nothing to put their personal belongings in. The budget doesn't always have room for these "extras" that we would normally provide for our own children. So here's the photos of all the donated items which included 62 pieces of luggage, duffel bags, gym bags and personal tote bags plus 46 packages of new underwear (a total of 276 pieces of undies)! Thank you all!!

With my Mom here visiting, she has played with AA and taught her some new games including checkers and Slamwich (sort of like "war"):

Also brought a set of puzzles to do called Squzzle - Animal Babies (visit mindware on line). They were not the easiest to complete, but we did manage! Here's a picture of one completed puzzle - have fun if you attempt these!

And lastly, AA playing with Daddy's iPhone:

Hopefully, I am caught up with the blog, now off to catch up on snail mail and thank yous!

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Catherine said...

Fun times with Nana!! looks like she had a blast with AA!

Wow...those squzzles are t-o-u-g-h! Good for you for completing it!!

All those donated duffles make my heart happy to think of how many children will receive much needed items!