Sunday, August 28, 2011

South Pittsburg, Tennessee

A nice stop when making the trip going to or coming back from Missouri is the Lodge Cast Iron factory store in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. South Pittsburg, less than 4000 strong, is not only home to the famous Lodge manufacturing facility but also plays host to the Annual Cornbread Festival. Which makes perfect sense to anyone who has ever tasted cornbread prepared in cast iron :) The quintessential - match made in heaven!

I couldn't resist :)
The Pizza "stone" was marked down and had take me home written all over it.

And this beautifully aged Dutch Oven was a gift from Nana Joy...
Seriously, you can never have enough cast iron and especially a seasoned Dutch Oven.
Thank You Nana Joy!

Pork Chops quickly found a home in Nana Joy's dutch oven :)

So, if you happen to be tooling along I-24 and need a little break to stretch the legs, you might consider a quick stop at the Lodge Factory Store in South Pittsburg!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

fantastic! I would love this.


M3 said...

Those pork chops look wonderful - drooling! Would you share the recipe?

Lisa~~ said...

I've been using my large cast iron skillet a lot lately. I forgot how wonderful a well seasoned pan could be. Your Pork looks delicious.