Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meeting up with Family - Last Missouri Post!

We met up with Illinois family, Hubby's sister Mia and family at the St. Louis City Museum. It was another HOT day, so you can imagine with a home Cardinals game there was TONS of families beating the heat that Sunday afternoon.
AA's Aunt Mia took her two children and AA on a climbing expedition to get them all reacquainted. The last time we saw them was last year during a Missouri visit in July.

Madison and AA watching a magician eat some fire!

Uncle Mike and Michael Aaron giving the "hamster" wheel a try!

All happy during the short visit:

Next we went to St. Charles to visit with nephew Travis and wife Erica. Uncle Ben and all of us had a good visit and went out for lunch. We attended T. and E. wedding back in October 2009.

It was a whirlwind trip with so many family activities! Thanks again to my Sister-in-Law (Joan) for all the planning and hostessing!

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