Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daily Dose of AA - End of August

We have no pictures from the past two weeks as our Nikon had to be sent to the shop for a new shutter/repairs. Not sure how it broke, just picked it up to take a photo and an error message appeared. So as you can tell, I have taken a break from blogging for while. I have pictures from our trip to Maine to post and will do that soon; will enjoy reliving the great time Alyzabeth and I had with family and friends. As always the trip went by too fast, a long weekend is not enough time to play and visit so next summer we have to make a longer stay.
This picture was from Daddy trying out a used camera with our SD card.

Will be back posting is a few days.....


Sean and Mic said...

Love your blog- have read it for years!!
Funny, my Nikon D60 died last week, too. We were taking pictures on a weekend road trip- and all of a sudden the shutter froze, and we got an error message that the shutter had not released. And nothing we did would make it release. Hmmmm. Need to decided if I am sending it in for repair- or buying a newer/better model.

Anyway, your daughter is simply gorgeous! Fun to follow you.

Nana Ann said...

Love this picture!