Friday, July 15, 2011

Tea Time

I have posted a few times about having hot tea and sweets with AA. It is something we do every few months as a treat and honoring China tradition.
We recently bought local honey so AA has been asking a millions times how we can have some. She remembered me giving her some hot tea and honey when she had a cold once, so the hot tea was made (it is only middle of summer in the deep south; crank up the air conditioning!).

My "next best china" set was used, from my Grandmother (my Dad's Mom, E-E), called Sepia Rose. I have always loved it and she gave it to me. It doesn't have a teapot, so we used the coffee pot.

The china pattern:

Honey was what AA really wanted:

Can you tell her mouth is full of sweets?

We enjoyed!


China Dreams said...

Looks like a lovely tradition.


Lisa~~ said...

Such a fun thing to do and such great memories it will be for AA.