Saturday, July 02, 2011

Bull Frog Season Opens

Yes... There is a hunting season for Frogs.

I can easily imagine more than a few of you being a bit squeamish about tasting the delicacies of frog legs. I understand. I've never tasted rattlesnake nor do I ever plan to. However, I would suggest your trying frog legs if provided the opportunity. Really, they are quite tasty and low in calories!
And yes, they taste a lot like chicken. Sort of... :)

I use to hunt for Bull Frogs on my In-Laws farm in Missouri. During the day I would hide behind the berm of a pond and pop them with a 22 rifle as they sat on the water's edge.
One of my more memorable frog hunting adventures was a night hunt to which I enlisted the aid of my sister-in-law Angie. Not wanting to use a gun at night, we cut a small sapling and duct taped the handle of a dip net to our improvised long-handled pole. Using a flashlight, Angie would spotlight the frog as we silently crept along the bank of a pond. Then whoosh - I would drop the net over the frog. I'll leave out the details of what followed only to say that once the frog was immobilized we moved on to our next prey.

I should ask Angie if she has memories of our "hunting trip" or maybe more appropriately, any lingering nightmares...

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri's frog-hunting season begins this week.

The Department of Conservation says the season for bullfrogs and green frogs runs from sunset Thursday through Oct. 31.

Missourians can capture frogs using a hand net, gig, and throw line. They also can snag, snare, grab or use a pole and line if they have a fishing permit. People who have a hunting permit can use a .22 caliber rifle, pellet gun or bow.

Artificial lights can be used, and children under 16 and adults older than 65 do not need a permit.

The daily limit is eight frogs, and the possession limit is 16. When a frog is speared it must be kept, but a frog that is not fatally injured through grabbing or a pole and line can be released.

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