Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black & White Wednesday - Wine

We tried this new red wine, a Malbec, winery Bodega Antigal from Argentina, at our favorite Pizza restaurant. This place always has very inexpensive wines by the glass so we don't expect a great wine, but it is always good enough to enjoy. They must buy odd lots of wine, as the selection changes frequently and usually there is only two or three choices of red wine.

We drink alot (an understatement!) of wine, 99% reds and so enjoy a wonderful robust, very dry Cabernet. However, to get the best value wines, we have been tasting the least expensive Grenache, Tempranillo, Malbecs, Chianti, Rioja etc. This new one is not as light, has more body and some hints of the "oakiness" one would find in a Cabernet.

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em said...

I've never been able to acquire the taste for red wine...I don't know that much about it either, so that could be the issue.

China Dreams said...

I am going to unashamedly advertise my brother's and sister in-law's winery since you say you like wine! It's also fitting for this post because one of their lines is called Shameless Hussy (of course there is a story behind it). If you'd like to try some Washington State red, here is their website:


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

A good friend of mine turned us on to Malbec about two years ago. Pat and I LOVE IT!!! I will have to look for this particular one:)

Thanks for sharing.