Saturday, June 04, 2011

Pool and the Cabana

You all know where we hang out most summer weekends......
I love the new bathing suits AA has been wearing so far this year, the colors are really bright! (see last two posts about the pool).

I was packing the beach bag and going through all the bathing suits that are too big and found this lovely one with blues and lime green. It is a little big (size 4) but will be another great one this summer even if she grows some.
(buy swim wear like these at L.L. Bean and even catch some on sale, AA's styles are a few years old).

The cabana grill is open so we have lunch by the pool, almost always on the menu is a hamburger plate and a grilled chicken on salad (each comes with a side and bag of potato chips).
We enjoy the easy time in the pool and sun!

Happy Summertime!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

super cute bathing suit! And, yes, I LOVE summer too!


China Dreams said...

L.L. Bean never goes out of style :-)