Friday, June 03, 2011

Memorial Day - Special Day - Fireworks

The Spring Park in our town puts on a great Memorial Day event. Several days of vendors selling crafts, food and fun in and around the park, the walk of American flags, in memory of those who lived in this County or have family, the Concert on the Green (Jacksonville Symphony with scholarship winners giving recitals with the Symphony), the Freedom 8K with the Sunday night finale of fireworks at 9:45 p.m. and many other events, finishing with a Memorial Day ceremony on the river, Monday.

A very Patriotic dog!
Sweet, wonderful Hubby and AA, ready to listen to the concert and see fireworks:
Concert on the Green 2011 poster winner and runner ups:
Lots of people to hear the concert on the river:

Walk of Flags:
The Police Station is in the park - always feel safe here!
Good friends the Sweatlands:
All these people are supposed to be a "flash crowd"; they came from all corners of the park, putting in the T-shirt, and then doing a dance together. Fun entertainment while waiting for the Symphony to begin.
Opening Ceremony:
I did not know our local Sherriff's office had a Pipes & Drum unit! They sounded great!

As part of the ceremony, hundreds of butterflies were released, this one came to a tree near us:
The Symphony was under the big white tent and the sound was very good. We all enjoyed! (no pictures of the fireworks, I didn't even try, next time will to see if I can capture any of the beauty and awe! It was a bright, booming celebration!)


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That looks wonderful! I wish that they did something like that in our town.

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