Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happiest of Father's Day to all Dad's

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's, Daddy's, Father's, Grandfather's, Grandpa's, Papa's, Poppy's, Pappy's....... (and to our son-in-law and son - both great Daddies!!)

To my Hubby, a wonderful Dad; he loves his three children. We did miss out on lots of the growing years with son and daughter #1, they were "weekend kids" and he worked shift work; no missing out on this third one! Our littlest one has his full attention. He is enjoying being Daddy all over again and Poppy to the three grands. Life is better than we deserve!
Happy Father's Day!

Love to all the Dad's out there, past, present and future!


Jimh. said...

Love these pictures! Happy Father's Day Ford!

comingaroundagain said...

So sweet!! I know you can't help but to have an awesome Father's Day! :-)

Dita said...

Better than you deserve? hasn't even touched the surface of what you two deserve...all the very best. This last picture brought tears to my't that just say it ALL!