Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Crab Trapping

Wonderful Hubby catches yummy food off the end of our dock - he cooks crabs and picks the meat! Fresh crab cakes in our future!
Two were in the trap and soon ended up as dinner! (notice the trap is Florida colors - Blue and Orange! That's what you find living in Gator Nation!)
Just to let you know, these were both boy crabs since Hubby always releases the girl crabs (read all about this in our 2007 post).


T n' W said...

Looks delish! We'll be taking Sophie on her first crabbing trip this year. The old string and chicken wing way:)

Lisa~~ said...

Very fun that you're able to do that.

China Dreams said...

I don't eat them but the colors are cool!


Light Trigger said...

lovely series of photos! the B&W is so perfect! great composition.

Via B&W Wednesday

Light Trigger