Saturday, May 14, 2011


AA says she is hungry every hour. We have always fed her snacks, but only healthy ones due to her nutrition needs; when you adopt a 2 year old that weighs 19 pounds, one tries to get the most nutritional food into her. She does not normally have sweets (exceptions are birthday parties, Halloween candy, Valentines Day candy and Easter candy - and only one piece a day for two weeks, then it is gone!). No french fries, no fast food, no potato chips, etc.
We give her different cheeses, soups, granola bars, yogurts, vegetable sticks, fruit for snacks ..... you get the picture.
One snack I loved when it first came to the supermarket was apple chips. For some reason, I had not seen them during my shopping trips, so had forgotten about them. Just this week, I rediscovered them and bought a bag. Of course, AA loved them! They are pure fruit and Made in the USA!
Wish I had taken a picture of AA eating her apple chips, she LOVES them!
What snacks do you feed your children? We are always open to new ideas and suggestions!


dawn said...

Fuji apples are out favourite. I am going to look for these. Thank you for sharing.

Donna said...

We get freeze dried strawberries and bananas (a mix of both) in individual serving size packs from Costo. So yummy! Also, sugar free juice pouches. We do allow sugar in moderation but usually pick non sugary snacks for the girls. The 100 calorie packs are a convenient favorite. We also LOVE almonds!



Cora said...

Honestly, we feed Chloe what ever she will eat at this point. Food in mouth that does not come back out is good. Most of the time it is healthy, I think.

We will have to try apple chips she likes freeze dried bananas & Strawberries.

Lisa~~ said...

Maisie loves freeze dried apples and pears and this is her favorite: She also loves banana chips but even though they are pure banana they are high in natural sugar.

Another big favorite for all of us is Gim and we eat it instead of chips and salty snacks. Maisie can easily polish off an entire package as can I. Gim: Trader Joes also sells this and theirs is probably lower in salt and still very tasty.

Finally I always have dry roasted edamame available for Maisie to eat:, Costco has a good deal on it too.

Lola Granola said...

It's cherry season--and we found the key to kids and cherries is to get them a cherry pitter of their own. They love to use it and they eat tons!