Sunday, May 01, 2011

Parks - Deland - Bill Dreggors

We recently again traveled to the greater Orlando area for a family trip and on the way back stopped at a playground for AA to stretch her legs (and ours). We found this wonderful park and playground called the Bill Dreggors Park. The City of Deland has the Parks and Recreation Administration offices at this same location, seemed very safe and clean. You could tell it was a local favorite. Every once in awhile we do a park review and this one passed the test!
Lots of parking, many pavilions and picnic area, wide open spaces and a HUGE wooden playground. So many twisting and turning stairways, obstacle course types pathways; fun for most any kid!

Many interesting sections of the playground:

A fun musical station:

Some smiles (I still have more photos of her back!):

So many signs:

There was more to explore that we didn't get to, including a sensory garden. Worth a stop!

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China Dreams said...

I just love accidental discoveries like this.