Friday, May 13, 2011

The Old Car

We posted in 2008 about our Honda getting older and needing to replace it. We still have it. In the three years since it turned 250,000 miles, we have put another 43,000 miles on it. Not too bad; we still take our newer vehicle (2002) on long trips. We really thought it would not be around this long and the day we "HAD" to replace it was just around the corner in April 2008. Now I am cheering it on, giving it love pats, telling it "You can make it!". 300,000 miles.
In about 5 months I will be back celebrating the old car or talking about our new ride. See you then!


Johnny said...

"Long may you run"
Neil Young

Catherine said...

Hmmm...wonder how much you were paying per gallon when you bought this car? Wait...don't figure it out in order to avoid feeling ill!!

Go car go!!

Lisa~~ said...

Yeah for you keeping that car going. I was so bummed two years ago when I had to get rid of my Volvo as I had that car for 19 years but in the end the cost of repairs to keep it going far exceed the value of the car. I now love my Prius. In the end though the timing of my new car worked out well as I now easily do 100 miles a day a few times a week with all of Maisie's activities. Wishing you many more years with your old Honda.

Vivian M said...

I love it! I coax my Mama mobile too, and hope she lives as long and useful a car life as yours. You definitely are getting your money's worth - and they really don't make them like they used to! :o)