Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts

For Mother's Day, AA's school teachers did a wonderful job this year: I received a decorated (decoupage) tile trivet, a card, a hand and foot print poster with poem and a questionnaire on what AA loves about her mother.
The funniest part was the question "My Mother works at... {fill in the blank}. AA answered "work". So I work at work!
I may need to communicate a little better about what it is I do, though she does point out "smoke stacks" when going by an electric generating plant! :)

We had a family dinner and gathering at the "other" grandparents home; a very relaxing time. They always host great family gatherings. Thank you C&W!
At the dinner, I received a set of photos from dear eldest daughter, a wonderful candle from Nicole and a phone call from our son. Our family is the best!

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