Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gifts of Adoption

I came across this list of gifts that adoption can bring - like joy and thankfulness (I read it here first). I don't expect AA to come up with this same list as this is one perspective from one adoptee, but I do hope that AA will sort out her own feelings by writing out her own list someday. Thank you to Sherrie at His Hands His Feet Today.

Some Gifts of Adoption
By Sherrie Eldridge

Adoption is a wonderful thing! It is true that with it come challenges, but there are so many aspects of being adopted that bring us joy and that we can be thankful for. I am not speaking for all adoptees…these are just some of my own thoughts. Perhaps you will use them as a “springboard” from which to write your own.

1) The first gift is LIFE…May you always remember the One who created you.
2) The second gift is BIRTH…May you be grateful for your First Mother who chose to carry you.
3) The third gift is a NEW NAME… May you rejoice in the fact that your name is written on your parents' hearts.
4) The fourth gift is BELONGING…May you recall each day that we belong to each other.
5) The fifth gift is FAMILY…May your differences remind you that our family is like a beautiful grafted tree that is magnificent to behold.
6) The sixth gift is STRENGTH…May you continue to grow strong through the challenges you encounter.
7) The seventh gift is IDENTITY…May you celebrate that you are a wondrous combination of nature and nurture, possessing great potential.
8) The eighth gift is SECURITY…May you rest assured that you will never be forgotten.
9) The ninth gift is LOVE…May you realize your parents would have traveled to the ends of the earth to find you.
10) The tenth gift is ACCEPTANCE…May you understand your acceptance is not based on your performance but on your personhood.
11) The eleventh gift is GRACE…May you rejoice in being yourself because you are accepted just as you are.
12) The twelfth gift is TALENT…May you celebrate your differences and share them with your family and the world.
13) The thirteenth gift is PURPOSE…May you be inspired to discover your unique footprints across the sands of time.
14) The fourteenth gift is TEARS…May you shed them freely so you can freely laugh.
15) The fifteenth gift is ADVENTURE…May you accept that if your history is unknown, or sad, you can still have an unshakeable identity.
16) The sixteenth gift is HUMOR…May your funny bone be tickled when others say dumb things about adoption.
17)The seventeenth gift is CALLING…May you realize early in life that you were created and adopted for a purpose that no one else in history can fill.
18) The eighteenth gift is TENDERHEARTEDNESS…May you be willing to weep, for your adoption scars qualify you to be a wounded healer.
19) The nineteenth gift is COMMUNITY…May you search out the blessing of friendships with fellow adoptees.
20) The twentieth gift of adoption is ABUNDANCE…May you experience the full, abundant life the Lord planned for you every single day of your life.

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Adoption & Fire said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing. It's not too often we get to hear from an adoptee who has words like these.