Saturday, April 23, 2011

Delis of Riverside - Whiteway

We have been numbering the days until we tried some of the great Riverside Delis mentioned in the viCARIous blog; read this post for a run down on each one.
We went to Whiteway Delicatessen, on King Street, for lunch, it is open on Monday's and occasionally, all three of us go out to lunch.

We didn't take our camera inside the restaurant, too bad as the food was fresh, delicious and bright! We ordered three different sandwiches; one was heated, called Dr. Millan. It was delicious with chicken tenders, tabouli and other vegetables. I loved the hummus pita.

Here's one review by Let's GoLO:
Riverside’s Whiteway Deli has been a bastion of local color since 1927, when the Ramallah-born father of current owner Sam Salem opened a café in Whiteway Corner (the deli recently moved to a newer, bigger, brighter spot on King Street). The names of many sandwiches – most of which are made with pita pockets – are influenced by local politicians and other local icons. Try the Late Bloomer’s Special: turkey, bacon, tabbouleh, avocado spread, banana peppers, and provolone in a toasted pita. Spice it up with a few sprinkles of Louisiana hot sauce. Don’t miss the archive of candid customer photos near the cash register. If you look closely, you’ll see the “hidden” camera behind the counter. Owner Sam can operate the camera remotely, with the push of a button – you’ll never even know he captured your image for posterity. He’s essentially documented Whiteway’s customers for the past 30-some years, and the photos fill boxes and boxes (labeled by year) that you can browse through. 1237 King St, Jacksonville. (904) 389-0355.‎

And, yes, he took our picture too.

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