Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - New Sandals

AA needed a pair of brown sandals in her new larger shoe size. We found white ones a few weeks ago. Each year, we find great, fun shoes at Target, so looked again. Yes, they had the same brown sandal style as her new white ones, the same we had been buying now for a few years. Then I saw these.
Would I buy something like this for me? No way.
But I am liking dressing AA in much bolder colors than I would wear. She loves color and they all look good on her.
So I convinced AA that "gold" could be worn with anything that brown sandals could (did you just hear that, I said I had to convince a 4.5 year old!). Gold bling, glitter and sparkle... all goes with AA.

See many more Black and White photos here. Hope your Black and White Wednesday sparkles!


Wanda said...

That's the fun of having little girls. We get to play again.

Sweet sandles!

Gail said...

Really cute!!! In color and black and white.

Kim said...

tooo cute..

Erika B said...

They are supercute! We just went to London, England and both our girls got golden summer shoes. They love them.

Erika B