Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mommy and Daughter - Girls Day Out

Mondays continue to be a special day; AA and I run several errands, stop by the library, and then have lunch together before returning home for a nap. We recently had some extra time and stopped by the park for a stroll.

The next two photos are one in the "raw" with AA in the park gazebo with the bright sun all around and dark inside the gazebo. I used our free photo editing program (the only one I use, Picasa) to crop and add some fill light. I like to see if the photo is in focus by cropping, then decide about editing. Anything better I can do when it is dark around the subject? I know, I need a better photo editing program since we have the better camera. I still really, really appreciate having this camera (Nikon D40x); love the great photos it takes even with an amateur like me!

Here's the swimming pool that is fed by the spring; the water fills the pool to overflowing, and flows to the St. Johns River.

I love the many things AA and I do on Mondays; we really enjoy our girls day out together!


Jboo said...

Oh my -- it looks so lovely there and your girl -- she is so pretty and getting so big! What a fun Mom/daughter day! I love those! My sister has a house near or on the St. John's river!! :)


Briana's Mom said...

Mommy/Daughter days are the best. I love them. What a beautiful day!

Lisa~~ said...

Fridays are my day with Maisie and we always have fun together. Looks like you had a fun time.

China Dreams said...

What precious memories you are making! Monday would be my favorite day, too, if I was you.


Kim said...

How fun..
love the photos..
Love you girly..

Stephe said...

You just need to force your flash and maybe adjust the flash to a greater strength. Do this when you are in these type of settings and it should solve your problem. Otherwise you could use a better editing program, extract her, lighten and brighten her up and then import her back. :)