Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Funny Legs!

At night during cooler weather, everyone dons their favorite pair of leg warmers, usually from L.L. Bean. My Hubby and AA looks too funny in their wild pants. Anything to stay warm! And we are having a few nights of COLD weather this week (I know, you'all laugh!). Yesterday it was in the 80's - no joke! Today, cold and rainy.

Yes, she has bunny slippers on too (yes, also from L.L. Bean and Daddy's slippers too - the only thing not from L.L. Bean in this photo is AA's top):
A fuzzy photo version as I wanted to block out a certain unsightly view (and I don't mean the champagne bottle!!):
Still cropping out the unsightly mess on the left side.......
OK, I can't believe the new stainless steel dishwasher has drip marks all down it! When I saw these photos, I ran over and started wiping!
Happy warm winter evenings!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

love, those leggings!

and the drip down the dishwasher only makes life real!


China Dreams said...

I think Tim Burton is calling them!


Jen said...

I always love to stop by here and see your adorable photos! Love the streaks, btw... everybody needs to have a little dirt! Shows you're busy having fun w/ your girl and not just cleaning. LOL!


Adoption & Fire said...

I just love those photos! She is photogenic when she lets you! What a cutie pie!

Wendy @adoptionandfire.com

Dita said...

Love it.........hey, did I miss some new goings on in your kitchen? I love that backsplash and I see some stainless steel.

I know I've been MIA for a few months....if I did....I'm really diggin' it!