Monday, March 07, 2011

Dylan Time (with Poppy)

Dear Hubby (DH), also known as Poppy by the Grands, doesn't usually have pictures taken of him when visiting the Grands. Since I was with them during a recent visit, I took a few of him caring and playing with baby Dylan.
She is a very good, happy baby; curious, playing and observing all going on around her.
On the couch with her Poppy:
She is very close to walking on her own so we were giving her as many opportunities as possible to walk for us...... the next three photos were of her after pulling herself up on the couch and then back down on the floor. I couldn't have posed her any better if I had tried..... she just fell against the couch (leaned really, she didn't fall) and stared at us. She does like the camera!
Playing with Poppy (still trying to help her walk!):

See her with the one hand tightly hanging onto Poppy's hand? She didn't really walk for us...... maybe next time!
She's a beauty!!


Cora said...

What a Cutie Pie! Looks like she had fun with her Poppy.

Tina Michelle said...

Such a cutie!

Dita said...

Wowza...she may love the camera but the camera sure loves HER!