Friday, March 04, 2011

Day with the Grands

We had the pleasure of babysitting the Grands for one day while their Daddy had an emergency/last minute notice of work. Baby Dylan greeted us with a happy disposition!

We put together a floor puzzle called "Under the Sea" and baby Dylan was kept away for as long a possible, then promptly plopped herself in the middle to help us!

Proud of their work!

For lunchtime, we decided a picnic on the deck was perfect. Baby Dylan was so jealous, but stayed content to watch through the glass door.

All in all a great day with more pictures to come from our beach time - yes, it was in the 80's!


Wanda said...

(Ummm.....fighting envy here!)

Sweet pics of all the kiddies! What a great family you have.

Enjoy your (ahem....warm) week-end!

China Dreams said...

Looks like a gorgeous, perfect day!


Our Journey to Rachel said...

Your family is gorgeous and your daughter is just beautiful. I'm enjoying your blog. I believe you commented on my blog while I was in China getting my girl, three years in May!
Sherry Crist