Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black & White Wednesday - Springtime!!

In NE Florida, springtime is when the azaleas are bursting with colorful blooms! AA and I were walking in the park and wow, such color! (we have azaleas in our yard, so why do bushes in other people's yards look so much more spectacular?) We even caught a few bees in action.
As you know (and the many of you who have traveled to Orlando in the past month or so), we have had unbelievable spring like weather, just gorgeous! Still waiting to have that last frosty week in early April!
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China Dreams said...

Gorgeous! I'm lucky, of course, if half the azalea bush makes it through the winter. Speaking of winter, we may get a foot of snow on Friday-no April Fool's joke.


Wanda said...

Beautiful azaleas AND a bumblebee. Bonus. These are lovely!

Kayce said...

Beautiful! Our spring is just beginning and I can't wait for our azaleas to bloom!

deb duty said...

We had the same idea for today! I'm loving all the azaleas blooming around me too. Your photos are lovely.

Kelly And Allison said...

Ohh those are beautiful pictures. I found azaleas are beautiful but hard to photography. Yours are very very good.

Erika B said...

Love that little bumblebee! I must say that they are really stunning in color.

Erika B