Monday, March 14, 2011

Amish Friendship Bread (cake)

I used to make this loaf cake all the time from the Amish Friendship bread starter. I recently received a starter so am back in business baking loaf cakes (distinct sweet flavor, dense pound cake).
AA was pleased as she had some batter to bake several cakes in her EasyBake oven:
I didn't take pictures while we mixed and baked, so here are a few when we were finished. I made the loaf (apple-cinnamon):

I found several recipes to vary the original Amish Friendship bread recipe. I used to make the apple-cinnamon and the chocolate (chocolate muffins too!). Yummy!
They freeze so well so can make up several if you don't want to keep the starter mix. Find a few friends that want the starter from your splits, and then in a couple of months, get one back from them. That way everyone is not keeping the starter "alive" as it multiplies like rabbits!

Here's a box of the mini-chocolate muffins, I added a tablespoon of cocoa and some chocolate chips to kick up the chocolate intensity.... so divine!

Large muffins along with the mini's:

So I love to share this "bread"; will bake many more to give away!
All yummy!


Cora said...

Looks Yummy!!

Kathy said...

Yummy!! I used to make this all of the time when we lived in PA and Amish country. Recipe please.
Thanks for sharing and my mouth is watering.

Debz said...

Yum...wish we lived closer!

Jen said...

Oh, I love that stuff, but boy does it multiply! :) You're making me hungry!