Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Market Shopping

We went to one of our favorite "newly" discovered markets again; hadn't been there since before Christmas. The craftsmen were not there, only the farmers. We will need to look on the website to see when the full market is back this spring (just looked - Grand opening day is March 5th).
We enjoy buying the fresh local produce but hesitated just long enough to see the fresh water grown lettuce sell out.
Walking to the market from the parking lot:
We were a little cool in the shade so shared a hot tea:

Selecting some vegetables while Daddy sneaked around with the camera:

After leaving the market, we thought we would stop at a river park, but it was way too crowded, everyone else having the same idea to get out in the wonderful sunshine. While driving, we were stopped by a draw bridge:

Patiently waiting:
We went to Stockton Park instead which does not have much for kids, only one swing set. So we strolled and ran to get in some outdoor sunshine:

Have a great week!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Have a great week yourself.

Jealous and you know what about!


Tina Michelle said...

She looks so cute in tose sunglasses!

Dita said...

LOVE AA running and that outfit is too much.

Please tell AA that she has the prettiest Mama in the Sunshine State....don't forget to tell her, now!