Sunday, February 06, 2011

More First Day Snow!

More pictures from our first afternoon playing in the snow. We are having a blast!!
AA's first snow angel:

Learning to "sled" on very small snow mounds:

Lots of smiles!
A snow ball fight?

Back inside where it is warm, showing pictures and, Auntie-M explaining to AA about snow and what does it become once it melts? Not being around snow, AA was stumped! (not anymore!)
Happy winter!


China Dreams said...

Looks like she's having a great time! Wouldn't be a good winter day without hot chocolate, right?


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

after about our 25th snow fall of the season here in Toronto I am having trouble with the word "happy"! LOL!

but, I am sure glad you are enjoying it.

It is beautiful though. I love a sunny, snowy, day! and the dogs have so much fun on their walks!


nancy said...

Looking at the photos last week of AA enjoying the beautiful FLA sunny warmer days, and then looking at her in the photos of her playing in the snow up in ME, well...seems likes she's just loving it too. AA is such a little cutie! Blessings.