Sunday, February 06, 2011

L.L. Bean - More than a Shopping Experience

We wouldn't miss an opportunity to shop at our favorite Maine store and we really enjoyed it more: much more for kids to do at the main Freeport store. AA enjoys coloring, drawing on one of two huge blackboards, running on a tree house type play area including a rope bridge; "rock climbing", photo booth for those fun shots of Nana, Mommy and herself crammed in the booth, watching the fish pond and the aquarium tank..... posing in front of the large "boot"; and I must say the friendliest help I have experienced too.
The next few weeks will have lots of posts about our trip to Maine; need to keep up with my family photo album (known as this blog).

Watching trout swim by while we enjoy the close up experience: Rock climbing (or otherwise known as the area to try out your hiking boot selection first hand):
Fun stuff for kids!
HUGE chalkboards: Learn to tie knots:

Happy Shopping from Maine!


dawn said...

That's always a "must Do" for us when we go. We love Beanie also. Jacobs family is just a few minutes from there.
I wanna go to Maine.
have fun and stay warm

China Dreams said...

I don't remember half of this stuff, but the last time we were there, we didn't have any small children. Looks like we'll need to add it to our next family reunion trip.

a Tonggu Momma said...

My husband? Would totally be in heaven there.

Gail said...

Have never been there... now it's on my list of places to see! looks like fun!!!


Watching trout swimming in that tank was very cool!