Friday, February 04, 2011

Kitchen Changes

We posted back in November about buying a new dishwasher and a new double oven. Our old 1960's model double oven was only partially working; it was time to replace some older appliances. We are planning to sell our home, so hoping this update will help (riverfront prospective home buyers, please come our way!!).
The boxes...... the cabinet for the new double oven:

Hardware and trim pieces:

The oven:
I haven't taken many pictures of our old oven - one of the ovens "died" over two years ago, then the door literally fell off a few months ago (love my decorative towel cover-up?? (Thanks Terri and George!!).
I cropped this picture of the oven, background to one of AA and my recent cooking sessions.
The old oven was horizontal, the ovens side-by-side; where the new ones are vertical, on top and one below.

Here's the installed photo. We love the ovens and the retrofit doesn't look too bad either. Can't wait until Thanksgiving - we have plenty of room for cooking, baking and roasting!

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Brian and Ruth said...

WOW!!! Looks amazing! Growing up our oven configuration was identical - double oven as we did a lot of entertaining and it always came in handy to cook multiple things at a time. It really looks great - hope you are enjoying them tons!